in my craft room

'in my craft room' has a new home at All super organised in to easy to navigate sections.

You can find sewing tutorials in SEW

You can find my papercraft tutorials in PAPERCRAFT

You can find my upcycling & recycling tutorials in UPCYCLE

You can find my home & garden tutorials in HOME & GARDEN

You can find my gift tutorials in GIFTS

You can find my decoration tutorials in DECORATIONS

"Hello lovelies!

Welcome to my new "Craft" section which replaces the "In My Craft Room" page on my old blog. Here you will find my craft tutorials alongside a new section entitled "Notebook".

The Notebook section is where you will find a selection of my craft supplies, from paper to fabric, beads to sequins, as well as my favourite crafting equipment. So if you have ever seen one of my photos on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and wondered 'where did she get that?', you are going to love this new craft notebook...

In Learn More, you will find my craft storage ideas, crafting techniques, book reviews and learn more about my new book, "Craft, Show & Sell", as well as a free download section, which means you can download my popular laundry art as a PDF and change the colours if you want! How cool is that?"