Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Christmas at my house

I have been running around for the last few days trying to get everything ready for Christmas...

Setting up my Christmas table
Almost finished!

Now I must dash to put the finishing touches on, but before I do...

Let me wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas!



Thursday, 20 December 2012

Bombay Duck draw knobs and a Giveaway

Bon bon knobs

The lovely peeps at Bombay Duck asked me if I would like to do another review so, I instantly decided I would love some knobs for my new dressing table that came with plain wooden knobs. Oh! the choices, after reviewing my guest room colour palette I decided to go for the Bon bon ceramic knobs in dove grey and lavender. I love them...

Draw knobs

Bonbon ceramic knobs

They also kindly sent me a Miss darcy teacup in Lavender that you will have seen in many of my pictures of my guest room alongside my Love Bird Cup in mint from Bombay duck...

Love bird cup and saucer

Miss Darcy tea cups

Tea for two

So I am delighted to announce a giveaway of a set of 4 Miss Darcy teacups and saucers in assorted colours from Bombay Duck worth £52!

For a chance to win the set of 4 Miss Darcy teacups and saucers in assorted colours from Bombay Duck please visit Bombay Duck and leave a comment below letting me know what you hope Santa brings you from Bombay Duck. The giveaway ends on Thursday, 3rd January 2013 at 10pm (BST) and I will randomly select and announce a winner on Friday, January 4th.

To increase your chances of winning this fabulous prize, you can gain one additional entry for doing each of the following:
  • tweeting about this giveaway
  • blogging about it
  • follow Torie Jayne via Google Friend Connect
  • follow Torie Jayne on Twitter
  • "Like" Torie Jayne on Facebook
For the first two, please leave a comment below with the link to your tweet or blog post.

The giveaway ends on Thursday, 3rd January 2013 at 10pm (BST), open to UK readers only.

Good luck and have a sweet day!

******* This Giveaway is now closed *******

Guest Room Wall art

Wall art

For the big expanse of wall in my Guest room, I felt I needed something big fo fill it! After weighing up my options I decided to go for a cluster of frames. I started by spray painting a wooden box frame lavender, adding a cork back to the inside of it that I painted white and pinned my mini swimwear to it. I then gathered up all the frames I had been collecting and spent a while sketching up some ideas of layouts. Once I had determined the layout of the picture frames I coloured in the frames on my sketches to ensure the balance of colour worked. I decided to keep the ornate frames from Urban Outfitters in there original colours and spray painted my wooden ones in mint and lavender. After sifting through my collection of gift cards and prints I pulled out the beautiful bird sketch from Blank Inside as it worked well with the mini swimsuits. The little French vintage birdcage print and Many and the Eaucalyptus trees that I had originally bought for my craft room looked nice too. I was then left with nine blank frames so I looked to Etsy where I found the adorable Honey Bee art and Bumble Bee illustrations that were in my Guest room colour palette! I also found the cute retro mini prints of cameras and suitcases from Diesel & Juice that I instantly fell in love with that I bought four for my guest room and four for my craft room!. Then I was down to five small frames that I needed prints for, four of which I found at the Spirit of Christmas fair from Ameila Blackett. Now I am down to one elusive print that I have not found yet!
Before hanging the frames on the wall I took them and the prints to my local framers where they cut all the mounts for me.
To get the spacing correct on the wall, I laid out the frames on a large piece of paper and once I had got them in the correct positions using a ruler and a protractor to make sure that they were straight and evenly spaced. I carefully traced round the frames on to the paper, then marked where all the screws would need to go so they would hang in the correct position. I then masking taped the traced frames to the wall in the exact position I wanted them, using a spirit level to make sure they were straight. With the paper still in place using a soft pencil I marked on the wall where the screws would need to go. Mr TJ then drilled the holes in the wall and fitted the raw plugs and screws...

Honey Bee Art

Mini swimwear

Three ducks & a fox

Bird print

Honey bee art by Little bean Prints

Time for a Drink print by Amelia Blackett

Have a sweet day!


Wednesday, 19 December 2012

More beaded hangers...

Guest towels

I decided to treat my guests to some new soft and fluffy towels which feature an attractive sculptured blossom design on in dove grey and duck egg from Laura Ashley. I tried hanging them on the back of the door in my guest room but they kept falling off! I thought about adding hanging loops but decided that some pretty beaded hangers would look better and there would be no chance of the towels falling on the floor!

For my hand beaded hanger tutorial click here.

Beaded hangers

Have a sweet day!

My Guest bedroom bed and tables

Guest bedroom bed

A couple of weeks back I showed you my designs for our guest room

"One thing was for sure, the double bed would have to sit below the window at the end of the room and could not have a foot board as you would more than likely have to get in to it from the base. So I chose the Scandinavia solid pine white double bed with slatted headboard, a mattress, double duvet, pair of pillows, white fitted sheets and a white pin tucked duvet cover.
I really wanted to provide bedside tables so my guests could keep a bottle of water, alarm clock, nik naks etc close to hand. But as the space was too tight I had to come up with something a little different! After much thought I opted for a pair of L shaped shelves I could hang on the wall either side of the bed. I would need to paint them white but I just loved there unusual shape and how much storage you could get out of them. I also loved the idea of them housing a pretty glass bottle of water in the long sections. So both guests would have there own bottles!"

The Scandinavia solid pine white double bed from Argos came flat packed but was super quick and easy to put together. I love how clean and simple it is and a perfect fit for my space. I also received a airsprung Tetbury memory double mattress, duvet, two pairs of pillows, Silent Night anti-allergy double mattress protector and the Minimalist White Double Bed duvet set which features subtle linear Pintuck detail which I think looks elegant and classical. My guests now have a super comfy bed to sleep in...

The L-shaped pair of beech finished wall-mounted shelving units also came flat packed. I assembled them together in two halves to start with, so that I could spray paint them white. Once I had spray painted them white I then finished assembling them together and gave them a finishing coat of paint.

Bedside shelf before

Another bedside shelf

Bedside shelf

My guest bedroom desk & bed

Now I am finally ready for my guests!

Have a sweet day!

My Little Dane Lamp

Little Dane lamp from Loaf

I was in the process of designing my Guest room when I won the Loaf twitter competition!
Loaf is the new name for The Sleep Room that was started at the end of 2008 with one simple aim: to take the hassle and expense out of buying a bed. After great success they naturally branched out and started making things for other rooms in the house. So after deciding that there original name no longer fit with them selling selling sofas and kitchen tables as well as beds they became Loaf.

My prize was a beautiful grey lamp called "Little Dane".
"Based on a beautiful pair of vintage lamps we bought in Copenhagen. Handmade for us in a very special pottery company in Stoke-on-Trent. Looks wicked in both modern and more traditional interiors."
I was so delighted as I loved the look of the "Little Dane" and thought it would be perfect in my new guest room to provide lighting at the desk. When it arrived I instantly was smitten and adored everything about it including the vintage looking lovely woven twisted lead.

Little Dane lamp

Have a sweet day!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

My Guest room Stationery

Guest room table

One of my favourite top tips for designing a guest room was...
"Think about what you'd expect to find in a 5 star hotel"


For the pen & pencil pot I upcycled a tin can with some pretty patterned paper from Rie Elise Larsen. Tutorial here: Pretty pen pots. To jot down directions or notes I have provided a "love is in the air" paper pad I bought from TKMaxx and filled my bunny jars with washi tape, paperclips, eraser and packaging string. I couldn't find a mouse mat I liked so I designed one to match. For some Hotel chic I bought some paper and envelopes from Paperchase and hung them on the wall using a Command mini clip and one of my pretty bulldog clips. Now my guests have all the stationery they need to feel comfortable!

Pretty guest room stationery

Guest room mouse mat

Guest room letter writing

Guest room Stationery

Have a sweet day!

Monday, 17 December 2012

My Guest Bedroom- Dressing table

Dressing table

Several weeks back I showed you my designs for our guest room

"I also wanted to provide my guests with a table that could be used for a laptop and some storage drawers so I chose the Scandinavia dressing table that matches the Scandinavia bed. I have bought a bright coloured Tolix chair to use at the table so my guests could use the dressing table stool as a luggage rack! "

The Scandinavia dressing table from Argos came flat packed and was easy to put together, but took some time as there are 8 drawers and a stool. As it was out of stock in white I ordered the pine version which I have painted white. I love how sturdy it is and how it matches the rest of the furniture. I changed the knobs to ceramic ones from Bombay Duck - more on that later!

I think you are gorgeous


Desk top

To see all the before and after photos of my Guest bedroom check out my Facebook album, Guest bedroom- A Transformation.

Have a sweet day!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Patchwork cushions

Patchwork cushions

The lovely peeps at new craft store Musha Makes sent me a "Winter Memories" fabric charm pack from Tilda. So I decided to make some sparkly patchwork cushions for my Christmas Decor. Here's how...

Patchwork cushion Tools and Materials

Patchwork cushion, How-to step by step

Patch work cushion steps 1-4

Pick 9 squares of fabric from the charm pack. Lay out squares to form a pleasing pattern.
Pin and stitch squares together in rows of three, taking 5mmm seam allowances. Press seam allowances open.
With seams matching, pin the three rows together.

Patch work cushion steps 5-8

Stitch the three rows together taking 5mm seam allowances. Press seam allowances open. Cut a rectangle 34cm x 34cm out of wadding and pin to back of patchwork square. Embroider bead or sequin the squares to your liking. Pin trim to right side of fabric 5mm in from every edge with the bottom of the trim facing the centre of the rectangle.
Cut two rectangles 34cm x 34cm for the back and press under and stitch a 1.5cm hem across one long edge of each back.
With right sides together, lay backs on top of front so hemmed edges overlap. Pin and stitch around outer edges. Turn right side out and press. Insert a 12 inch cushion pad.

beaded trim

Sequinned  flowers

patchwork cushion

Frill edge patchwork cushion

Have a sweet day!

Friday, 14 December 2012

Beaded bird stocking

Beaded stocking

All my Christmas stockings are now finished and hanging from my staircase. The last one in my line up is my beaded bird stocking, here's how I made it...

Beaded bird stocking Tools and Materials
  • Printed cotton
  • magic beads
  • Sewing needle & thread
  • Beaded trim
  • Brocade
  • Lining fabric

Christmas stocking pattern

Beaded bird stocking, How-to step by step

Start by printing off the stocking pattern at 200% and cut out the pattern piece.

Beaded stocking steps1-4
Place pattern piece on fabric, using your water soluble pen, trace around outside edge. Flip pattern piece over and draw another stocking piece so you have two pieces. Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut out stocking pieces leaving a 1cm seam allowance. Then pin one cut out fabric piece to wadding. Carefully cut around stocking. With your fabric stocking and wadding pieces still pinned together, join them together by stitching on beads. Pin the two fabric stocking pieces together with the embellishment on the inside. Stitch stocking together with a 1cm seam allowance using your drawn line as a guide.Turn stocking out so print is on outside and hand stitch braid, ribbon trim etc around top of stocking.

Beaded stocking steps 5-8
Stitch hanging loop to the top of the stocking so that the loop faces downwards.
Place pattern piece on lining, using your water soluble pen, trace around outside edges, flip pattern over and trace a second stocking. Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut out lining pieces leaving a 1cm seam allowance.Pin the lining pieces together with the right side of the fabric on the inside. Stitch around the edges, with a 1cm seam allowance, (you can use your traced line as a guide) leaving the top open. Now slip embellished stocking into sewn lining and pin together at top. Starting at the back of the stocking, stitch the lining to the felt stocking at the top leaving a 5cm gap, so you can turn stocking out. Turn stocking out and hand stitch gap together. Lightly press iron the top so that it sits flat.

Christmas stockings

Beaded star garland

Have a sweet day!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Snowflake felt stocking

Snowflake stocking

I finished my second felt stocking, and it is now hanging on my staircase. I made it in exactly the same way as my Winter bird embellished stocking but this time I went for a mint coloured felt and decorated it with white felt snowflake table scatters from Papechase. See Winter bird embellished stocking for the full tutorial.

Snowflakes and sequins

I then decided that my hand made stockings needed handmade candy! So whipped up some pretty chocolate snowflake lollipops that I packaged in lace printed bags...

Pink chocolate snowflake lollipop

Mint chocolate snowflake lollipop

Packaged snowflake lollipops

For chocolate lollipop tutorial check out my Easter chocolate lollipops

Have a sweet day!