Wednesday, 28 November 2012

My guest room mini printed shelves

Printed shelves

Remember the mini shelving I made for my craft room? Well I have been making some more, this time for my Guest room...

Guest room shelves

Print backed shelves

Pretty papers storage
Rie Elise Larsen paper from Folly & Glee, all other paper bought in Copenhagen

Mini shelving tutorial by Torie Jayne

Have a sweet day!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

It's starting to look a little like Christmas...

Decorating my Christmas tree

I have started to decorate my new white Christmas tree...

Mini pinecone baubles

Christmas tree decorations

Pearlised owls

Vintage Christmas decorations

Mini baubles

Toadstool tree decoration

and some home made decorations...

Pale aqua hand made felt bird

Starry paper rosettes

Glittered Snowflake

Glittered pretty paper bauble

My hand painted, glittered bauble

Pink & white beaded snowflake

I have a few more decorations to finish so must dash!
How are your trees looking?

Have a sweet day!


Monday, 26 November 2012

My guest bedroom cube shelves

My cube shelves

Last week I showed you my designs for our guest room and last week all my lovely free furniture from Argos arrived! The first piece of furniture we put up was the Hi gloss geometric cube shelves...

cube shelves

They were super easy to put together and all the wall fixings came with them. So I laid them on to a large piece of paper and traced around the edges, carefully marking where the screws would need to go, by pushing a pencil into the screw fixings. I then masking taped the traced shelves paper to the wall in the exact position I wanted them, using a spirit level to make sure they were straight. With the paper still in place using a soft pencil I marked on the wall where the screws would need to go. Mr TJ then drilled the holes in the wall and fitted the raw plugs and screws. Then came the fun part! hanging and filling them...

Wallpaper* City Guides

I have a bunch of the Wallpaper* city guides for the places I have been and others on places I want to go. I pulled together all the ones I had in shades of green and purple and they were a perfect fit for the top cube. They would also provide my guests with some reading material.

Oh Diana!

I then gathered all my nik naks that were in shades of lavender, mint and white together and started to play around with them, after much deliberation...

In the central cube I placed my beloved Diana camera with a sketch book I bought in St Tropez many years ago and a pretty patterned tin box I bought on a Birthday trip to Copenhagen a couple of years back.

Tweet tweet!
On the outside cube I placed another pretty box from said Copenhagen trip with a spool of crochet ribbon, mini latte bowls and a bird light.

Vintage jug

On the lower cube I placed a beautiful vintage jug that my grandmother gave me alongside a Polly George mug draped with pom pom trim, I felt I needed something in lavender to sit next to my jug to balance the colour across the shelves. So I sprayed the inside of a retro coke bottle I had been saving with a lavender coloured spray paint and perched on top an owl bottle stopper that had been laying unloved at the bottom of a kitchen drawer!

Butterflies & pom pom

To see all the before and after photos of my Guest bedoom check out my Facebook album, Guest bedroom- A Transformation.

Have a sweet day!


Thursday, 22 November 2012

Reindeer hair bobbles

Reindeer Hair bobbles

Last year I ran out of time and didin't get to show you my reindeer hair bobbles that were inspired by my snowflake hair bobbles. My little niece Molly loved finding then in my Winter Wonderland Advent house calendar. The good news is that Paperchase are selling the felt deer table scatter this year too, 36 for £3!

Reindeer hair bobbles
Tools and Materials
  • Small hairbands in pink, white, blue and aqua
  • Felt reindeer
  • Hot glue gun

Reindeer hair bobbles, How-to step by step
Reindeer Hair bobbles
Using a hot glue gun, place a small dab of glue at the join on the outside edge of the hairband. Immediately stick a felt reindeer to the glue and leave to dry.

Reindeer Hair bobbles

Paperchase are also selling the snowflake felt table scatter again this year so you can make the hair clips too!

snowflake hair clips

Have a sweet day!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Designing our guest room

Guest bedroom plans

Last month I showed you how we had renovated our guest room. Today I want to share with you my design for the room...

A few weeks before we had finished renovating the guest room, the lovely Peeps at Argos contacted me asking if I would like to receive some of their products to style in my home and share them with you. The timing was perfect! we are having guests to stay next month and I had literally no furniture and next to nothing in the way of home furnishings to go in our new guest room so I jumped at the chance to be given £500 to spend at Argos...

I started to plan out my guest room by spending hours looking at inspiration and researching guest room ideas.

Here are my favourite top tips:
Think about what you'd expect to find in a 5 star hotel.
Choose a theme that is personal to you and go from there.
Give your guests a nice calming place to relax and feel at home.
Your guest room design should not only be comfortable but also a little fun.

So I started to think about what I have loved about my favourite hotels and all the added extras that would make my guests feel super comfortable.

Guest bedroom ideas

With all my ideas whirling around in my head I came up with this colour and theme inspiration...
Guest bedroom inspiration
I was thinking white furniture with pops of colour in soft furnishings and accessories.

Then the hard part! Working out how I was going to furnish our quirky long narrow bedroom...

Guest bedroom plans

One thing was for sure, the double bed would have to sit below the window at the end of the room and could not have a foot board as you would more than likely have to get in to it from the base. So I chose the Scandinavia solid pine white double bed with slatted headboard, a mattress, double duvet, pair of pillows, white fitted sheets and a white pin tucked duvet cover.
I really wanted to provide bedside tables so my guests could keep a bottle of water, alarm clock, nik naks etc close to hand. But as the space was too tight I had to come up with something a little different! After much thought I opted for a pair of L shaped shelves I could hang on the wall either side of the bed. I would need to paint them white but I just loved there unusual shape and how much storage you could get out of them. I also loved the idea of them housing a pretty glass bottle of water in the long sections. So both guests would have there own bottles!
Whilst searching for shelves on Argos I came across the lovely cube shelves, a perfect place for displaying some coloured accessories and my pretty coloured Wallpaper travel guides. After checking the measurements I decided to go with them as they would fit perfectly on my sloping wall.

Due to the shape of the room I decided that a wardrobe would be too imposing but I still wanted to provide my guests with some hanging space."Why don't I make the little foyer at the top of the stairs a little dressing area!"
I found the perfect answer in a white finished solid pine storage unit with four coat hooks and three baskets with cut out handles for easy access to contents. I could hang it from the wall placing a monks bench style laundry bin below, that also conveniently doubles up as a seat. To add colour, comfort and interest I'm going to make a comfy patterned cover cushion for the top of the bench.

I also wanted to provide my guests with a table that could be used for a laptop and some storage drawers so I chose the Scandinavia dressing table that matches the Scandinavia bed. I have bought a bright coloured Tolix chair to use at the table so my guests could use the dressing table stool as a luggage rack!

My wonderfully generous order from Argos arrives at the end of this week and I can't wait to see what it will all look like. Loads of photos coming soon...

Have a sweet day!


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

DIY vintage inspired baubles

DIY vintage inspired baubles by Torie Jayne

Last week I showed you the vintage Christmas tree decorations that I bought from Sunbury antiques market and on Sunday I showed you the gorgeous vintage Christmas tree decorations from Citrus and Orange and Loretoidas. Inspired by all these vintage baubles I decided to paint cheap plastic silver baubles with nail polish and dust them in vintage glitter to match my Vintage Christmas theme. I love how the polish gives them a worn look but still gives them a little shimmer and is a great way to use up old nail polish! I was also lucky enough to find some old metal glitter in my craft boxes which adds to their vintage look. If you can't find metal glitter try using a course glitter instead.

Here's how...

DIY vintage inspired baubles

Tools and Materials
  • Plastic silver baubles
  • Nail polish
  • PVA glue
  • Course silver glitter
  • Small paint brush

DIY vintage inspired baubles, How-to step by step

My DIY vintage inspired baubles steps 1-4

  • Wrap washi tape round bauble
  • Paint nail polish on to unmasked sections
  • Hang to dry
  • Brush PVA glue on to areas you wish to glitter.
  • Sprinkle liberally with glitter, tap to remove excess.
  • Hang to dry

My DIY Vintage inspired baubles

My DIY hand painted vintage inspired bauble

My hand painted, glittered bauble

DIY painted bauble

Have a sweet day!

Paper Rosettes

Paper Rosettes by Torie Jayne

The lovely peeps at new craft store Mushi Makes also sent me Tildas star tissue paper in grey brown. So to match my Vintage Christmas theme I have started making paper rosettes in the pretty tissue paper. Some to hang on my white Christmas tree and some smaller ones as cake toppers!

Here's how...

Paper Rosettes

Tools and Materials

Paper Rosettes, How-to step by step

Paper rosettes steps1-4

  • Start by cutting out a rectangle 25cm x 12cm from one sheet of tissue paper
  • Make 1cm wide accordion folds, creasing the paper carefully with each fold.
  • Using the accent star punch, carefully punch a star from each end
  • Using a pair of scissors round the end edges of the paper

Paper rosettes steps 5-8
  • Repeats steps 1-4 with a second sheet of tissue, and fold in half
  • Stack the two folded sheets of paper on top of each other ( making sure the fronts face the same way) and tie embroidery thread round centre
  • Place a piece of double sided tape on one side
  • Affix the thread so the ends stick out the top

Paper rosettes steps 9-12
  • Fold the two halves together
  • Repeat by placing a piece of double sided tape on one open side
  • Fold the two halves together
  • Repeat till the rosette is closed, tie loose ends of thread together

Pretty starry paper rosettes

Starry paper rosettes

Paper rosette hanging on my tree

Have a sweet day!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Vintage inspired Christmas decorations

Extra large baubles

Pink tree candle

Mini baubles

Christmas tree candles

Earlier today I told you about the fab morning I spent at HomeSense. So this afternoon I wanted to show you all the lovely decorations I bought to fit in with my "Vintage Christmas".

I have been looking for really large baubles for a while now as I love the idea of hanging a few from our capiz chandelier above our dining table this Christmas. So imagine my joy when I discovered the beauties in the first photo! I can't wait to get them strung up.
I am planning on decorating the top of my radiator cover with my white Christmas tree candles I have had for a few years now so thought the edition of the shimmery pink tree candle in the second photo would fit perfectly.
I am undecided what I will do with the mini Christmas tree candles but I might use them as place settings?!?

Glass baubles

Have a sweet day!