Friday, 30 November 2012

Spray painted hangers

Spray painted hangers

Months ago I spray painted some of my wooden hangers in a bright pink for my cloakroom but never got round to showing you. I loved them so much I decided to spray some more, this time for my guest room, here's how...

Spray painted hangers Tools and Materials

Spray painted hangers, How-to step by step

Spray painted hangers
Simply mask off the metal hook, so it doesn't get covered in spray paint. Following the instructions on the spray paint, carefully spray the wooden hanger until you have an even coat of paint and the original colour of the hanger is no longer visible. Leave to dry.

Tips- I prefer to do several light coats so the paint does not drip and I get an even coat.

Here they are with my DIY fabric hangers...

Pretty guest room hangers

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  1. Wow such a fab tip! Loveeee it!

  2. love the colors! great idea Torie. hope you have a wonderful weekend, darling!

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  3. wonderful color combos!


  4. beautiful colours, love them xx


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