Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The London Design Festival 2012 - Super Brands London


Ginger & Jagger stools

Whiter than White @ Super Brands London

"Super Brands London is an interiors trade fair exclusively for established global design brands. Co-located with Tent London - a main destination hub during the London Design Festival, the exhibition occupies a 2,500m2 ground floor space of the ex-industrial, now impressive exhibition space - the Old Truman Brewery; bringing together two floors of pure design."

Upon arriving I fell in love with Ginger & Jagger's glamorous stand. There were plush velvet chairs, hammered metal stools, and twig legged tables, all in a beautiful opulent colour palette of gold, silver, copper and cream. Another favourite was whose "young tree" lacquered aluminium lamps' use of gold within the shades cast a lovely warm glow. There was also a great exhibition by the Materials Council called Whiter than White. It was a demonstration on the white options available to architects when selecting materials that shape our surroundings and how these choices influence our experience of the built environment. Small and large-scale samples across a range of architectural materials – glass, metal, natural stone, man-made stone, concrete, timber, textiles, etc were laid out on long wooden tables. One of my favourite materials was the woven pearlized leather.

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  1. What fun my friend...I had a dream about you last night...I was walking around your home! It was sooo lovely...crazy me...I must have you on my mind. Hugs. xoxo

  2. how groovy, you cool chick you!



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