Saturday, 19 May 2012

My pretty pinboard

Pretty pinboard

This week I have been sharing with you how my cloakroom/laundry room is looking so far. From Monday I will be sharing with you how the room between the dining room and cloakroom/laundry room looks with before and after pics. Before I do I wanted to share with you how I made use of a dark little window that looked into the kitchen but brought no real extra light in as I am using it as a book shelf in the kitchen, as it has a really deep ledge on the kitchen side! I decided to make it into a pinboard, here's how...

Pretty pinboard
Tools and materials

Pretty pinboard, How-to step by step
Window before

Cork tiles

Cloakroom during

Covered pinboard

Pinboard stationery


Hand-made pinboard & bird hooks

Have a sweet day!


  1. Such a brillinat idea, and beautifully executed :)

  2. Ficou incrível! Ideia fantástica!

  3. absolutely beautiful!! i just love those bird house key hooks, such a sweet idea!

  4. Such a fabulous idea to make use of the no longer needed window!

    I'm loving seeing your transformations although green with envy... pls send your handymen round to my place!!

    Victoria xxx

  5. Hi! Does the frequency of updates of your site depend on specific issues or you create blog articles when you have an inspiration or you create if you have time? Waiting forward to hear your answer.


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