Wednesday, 2 May 2012

London Shopping

London graphic by Torie Jayne
London shops by Torie Jayne
London shops tool key by Torie Jayne

Today on shops i love I wanted to bring you something a bit different! Over the past few months I have had lots of emails asking me for suggestions of places to shop in London, and what with London recently being voted the number one city to visit in 2012:

"London is going for the knock-out blow in 2012. The Olympics are riding into town and a whole swath of the capital is being transformed in the process. London’s east will be thrust into the spotlight but the rest of the capital will be rolling out the red carpet too. Seeing Tower Bridge lift its bascules to let a tall ship pass beneath is all stately grace, as opposed to your first rush-hour trip on the tube, getting up close and personal with strangers of every colour, creed and nationality. Mind the gap! Whoever you cheer for, you won’t be alone in this most international of cities." from Lonely Planet

I thought it about time I share my Google map to London. It is split into five categories, each with its own easy-to-see coloured push pins. There are my favourite interior boutiques, great fabric and craft shops, places to indulge in sweet treats like cupcakes, candy and ice cream, and markets to saunter around...

Just simply click this link and you can have a look around Torie Jayne's London shopping map.

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  1. Haven't looked at the shopping map yet - but I love your London graphic. Super cute.

    Someday I'll make it across the pond. (Hailing from the West coast, USA.)

  2. Fantastic idea and great choices! I would add the Rice shop in Covent Garden's Neals Yard.

    1. Thanks, already on there, but added new link.

  3. Hi Torie
    Love you map ! Wish I lived closer to London to explore all those places...
    I would like to create a map of my own favourite places but I can't get markers in different colours like yours... how did you do that ? did you actually played with the encoding or is there an easy way...?
    Thank you !


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