Thursday, 26 April 2012

Pretty box frames

My living room walls are pretty bare so I have been looking around for inspiration and deciding what to hang on them. I will be sharing with you my choices very soon as we are finally finishing re-decorating our lounge / dining room with some new flooring as part of the "Wickes, my project".

What I love about the pretty box frames is the ease with which you can slide the glass up so you can change the contents as often as you like. I can't wait to hang them on the wall and play with the contents. I just need to remember to space the pretty box frames far enough apart so that I can slide the glass up!

Pretty box frames
Tools and materials

Pretty box frames, How-to step by step
Decorating my display box

Start by carefully sliding the glass panel out and put to one side. Then paint the entire box frame with a couple of coats of white paint and leave to dry. After measuring the inside back of the box frame, cut a piece of pretty paper to size. Carefully coat the inside of the back of the shelves with a thin coat of PVA glue. Immediately stick the cut piece of paper to the PVA glue and smooth down with your fingers to remove any air bubbles and leave to dry. Finish by coating the stuck piece of paper with a thin coat of PVA glue to give it a protective finish. Once completely dry, fill with your chosen objects and slide glass back into frame.

Display box
Filling display box

Perching bird

Deer in display box

Have a sweet day!


  1. Una idea fantástica. Muchas gracias por compartir

  2. Love, love , LOVE.... I love it !!!!!!


  3. So pretty my sweet my dear have the loveliest ideas...when are you going to come visit so you can help me redecorate my home. xoxoxo Happy Friday.

  4. Congratulation for your blog. I like so much all your posts!!! this idea is so prety, thanks!!

  5. I love it all!!! Beautiful.
    Dear greatings Elly


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