Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Pretty Easter Egg boxes

Easter Egg boxes

On Saturday I launched my Oodles of Eggs giveaway and showed you how I shall be packaging some of my gold eggs to hide in the garden. Today I wanted to share with you where I bought my turquoise egg boxes (a snip at £3.50 for 30!) and share my labels for you to enjoy.

Easter lace bunny labels

Pretty Easter Egg boxes
Tools and Materials

Pretty Easter Egg boxes, How-to step by step
Pretty packaged chocolate eggs

Start by printing off the Easter lace bunny labels onto a label sheet and carefully cut out. Stick Easter lace bunny label on to top of egg box. Fill box with shredded paper and push cupcake wrappers into egg grooves, and fill papers with foil wrapped eggs. Tie ribbon around box to secure and there, all ready to be hidden!

Easter Gift
Oodles of eggs packaged
Milk chocolate egg

Have a sweet day!


  1. What a pretty idea! Love it!x

  2. Beautiful!!!!!
    Kisses from Spain!!!!!

  3. How wonderful to see our products used in such a creative way! Simply beautiful Tori. We hope you don't mind, but we've given this a link from our Facebook page. Go Tori!

  4. I love your genius idea's Torie :-) I might have to snap up some egg boxes and get creative. Thanks for a very inspirational blog.

  5. I had a somewhat similar idea - just in you also have a "butterfly to download"? I mean like your gift tags.

  6. @Angel of Berlin - FYI: Martha Stewart makes a butterfly paper craft punch that might work for your project?

  7. Now this is what I call absolutely darling!! Fabulous idea! So fabulous, I had to share on my blog today as well:

    Thank you for the inspiration! Keep up the beautiful work that you do!

  8. This was the most creative and wonderful Easter packaging design of all! They have use the ideas of non-versatile things. It was very resourceful and I really admire it. Very adorable.

  9. Beautiful! Love the colours you very prettky! I think anyone would be thrilled to get that package! Angie xo

  10. I just love your lace bunnies. I used them last year and this year again as gift tags and labels for my Easter presents:


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