Friday, 16 December 2011

Hand made felt tea bags

I have moved to Torie

You can find me here: Felt tea bags


  1. There is no limit to your creativity! Wow!

  2. I love the little biscuit and tea bag, so creative!

  3. Such an adorable idea! Love it!x

  4. My first time posting here, but wow oh wow. These are gorgeous and how creative are you!? I love them. I'd so love to make these for my 3 children (all girls)

    Beautiful. I guess you could put some poppy seeds in the tea bags too (as long as they don't make their way out) to give the bag a bit of a sound when you shake it.

    Great job. I love Iced gems too.

    From one Brit to another :)


  5. so cute!!! and so inspiring!!! i remember eating those little biscuits at tea time in kindergarten!

  6. This is so cute. It's excactly what we need for our play kitchen. Thank you so much!


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