Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Winter Wonderland Advent House

Winter Wonderland  Advent House by Torie Jayne

When I saw the wooden advent house on Panduro Hobby's site I just had to buy it. The only problem was that time was getting on so when it arrived at the weekend I quickly got on with decorating it in time for tomorrow! Once I had painted the house and filled it with the pretty patterned drawers I fell in love! This is something I want in my house all year round; I think it would look great in my craft room and is an ideal place to store my bits and bobs! I decided to go for little glittered number labels that could be removed after Christmas instead of my original idea of numbered stickers.

Advent House to decorate

Winter Wonderland Advent houseTools and Materials

Advent House, How-to step by step

Advent House steps 1-4

Remove the drawers from the house, and carefully pull out the handles that are glued in. Paint all sides of the drawers in white paint excluding the already painted white front, and leave to dry. Then paint the inside of the drawers in a colour and leave to dry (I painted mine in pink, duck egg blue and teal).

Advent House steps 5-8

Cover the exterior of the drawers in strips of patterned washi tape and trim off any excess with a craft knife. Brush a thin layer of PVA glue over the top of the washi tape to seal it and leave to dry.

Advent House steps 9-12

Place the drawer front onto a sheet of printed card and trace around edge. Cut the traced out shape from the printed card, leaving a 7mm border around edge. Brush PVA glue onto the front of the drawer and stick in the centre of your rectangular pattern piece and leave to dry. Brush PVA glue onto sides of drawer front and fold card over each edge, hold in place for a few seconds until card begins to bond. Trim off excess card at corners. Using a sharp pair of scissors, punch a hole through the card to the pre-existing hole in the drawer front. Dab the end of the drawer handle in PVA glue and push into hole. I covered mine in 24 different patterns.

Advent House drawers
Advent House steps 13-16
Place the house on its back and masking tape around the edges of the roof to get a clean painted edge on the roof and chimney. Paint two coats of duck egg blue onto the roof and the top of the chimney and leave to dry.

Lay the tag on a flat surface and rubber stamp a number to the front using a glue pad. Liberally sprinkle the tag with glitter, tap to remove excess and leave to dry. Repeat rubber stamping until you have 24 number tags.

Tie the tags to the drawer handles and trim off any excess string. Place drawers back in the house in a random number order.

Day 1 - Mint lip balm

Adding gifts - hand-made lip balm

Have a sweet day!


  1. How beautifully you have decorated it and what a please it would be to open it each day

    Bright Green Laces

  2. It's simply fantastic! I've made many things with these Tilda design papers but nothing as beautiful as this. You're a huge inspiration and your pictures are wonderful. Thank you!

  3. love it, ms. torie jayne. you did a fabulous job.


  4. Oh this is realy beautiful! Love it!

  5. This is one of the prettiest things I've seen. You are way too talented and I would leave it up all year is gorgeous!

  6. This is so beautiful, you are so talented!!! I would love one of need an Etsy shop!!! X

  7. This is such an wonderful DIY post. Wow! So thorough and wonderful.

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  9. My goodness, this is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea.

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  13. This is really beautiful. Hmmm...maybe you should start an easter advent type calendar, because this would be perfect at easter too.

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  15. such a lovely idea!! very beautiful ~~

    1. Thank you, it is now hanging in my cloakroom!

  16. This is gorgeous! I have just brought the same house and cant wait to start to work on mine...! F xx

  17. I love this! I know it's been quite some time but where would one be able to find this paper in North America? I would love to replicate this and just adore your paper choices!



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