Thursday, 10 November 2011

Polka dot print deer

Polka dot print deer by Torie Jayne

I love having lots of deer decor around my home at Christmas so this year I bought some wooden deer figures which I painted white then added some pretty polka dots using my favourite craft crush, Japanese washi masking tape. Now they are perfect for my Winter Wonderland colour palette and theme. Hmmm, what else can I do with my washi tape collection?

Christmas decoration : Polka dot print deer
Tools and Materials

Polka dot print deer, How-to step by step
Polka dot wooden deer steps 1-4
Start by painting entire deer white and leave it to dry. Carefully paint the sides of the wooden deer in pink paint using a small paint brush and leave to dry. Then cover the front of the deer in strips of polka dot washi masking tape, making sure you line the pattern up.

Polka dot wooden deer steps 5-8
Using a craft knife, carefully trim around the edges of the deer to remove excess tape. Turn deer over and, as before, cover back with printed washi tape and trim. Coat front and back in PVA glue to give it a protective coating and leave to dry. Brush PVA glue onto pink-painted sides of deer (except bottom so it stands flat) and immediately sprinkle with pink glitter before the glue starts to dry. Tap deer lightly to remove excess glitter and leave to dry.

Polka dot print deer
Dot washi tape for glittery wooden deer
Polka dot deer

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  1. Nicenicenice!!! really cute deer! Thank you for sharing!

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  2. this looks pretty wonderfully done

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  4. This is such a lovely project! I would have never guessed that was tape!

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  6. I love this! Hope it's ok that I used your pictures on my blog? I have linked you, ofcourse :)

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