Sunday, 21 August 2011

Hoop wall art

Hoop Wall Art

This week on Flickr Faves Sunday, I bring you some gorgeous hoop wall art with these gorgeous pics. Check back soon for some more of the most inspirational photographers on Flickr.

Some beautiful shots from my Flickr favourites (clockwise from top left):

Have a sweet day!



  1. Love them hoops especially the notice board one, need to find the post for that one :)

  2. We love the wall art and those cookies are so fun! Thank you for sharing :)

    Have a lovely day,
    Laura and Michele

  3. I loved seeing all your hoop pictures on Pinterest the other day and you picked some gorgeous ones for this post.

  4. Hi Torie!
    You are just too sweet! Thank you for including my hoops in your post. Of course, as soon as I saw the lovely photos of the others, it immediately made me want to make more using fabric! You may have just, unknowingly, created a hoop monster!
    Thanks again, and have a fab-u-lous day,
    xo Deirdre (DKM Art)


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