Saturday, 16 July 2011

My Baking Pretties

Baking supplies
Cupcake wrapper storage
Edible glitters
Cupcake wrappers and matching supplies
Bright Non Pareils

My collection of edible glitter was starting to get a bit unruly in my baking cupboard so I bought some acrylic stacking pots from Muji and dispensed my glitter into them. I love how easy and compact they are now. No more little tubs flying out the cupboard at me! Now I want to get all my baking pretties organized!

My collection of cupcake cases has grown of late and I would like a new spaghetti jar to put all the red yellow, green and blue ones in. I have my eye on getting another flip storage jar from Jamie Oliver, this time in duck egg blue and some more tiny flip storage jars for my new brightly coloured non pareils and sugar strands that are precariously perched atop my neatly stored jars.

Have a sweet day!


  1. Ooooh - I LOVE these! And I love your blog, I´m so glad I found you! :-)

    Will definately follow from now on!

  2. Love the way you have displayed the cupcake cases in the jar!

  3. Cupbake cases! I have never heard them called that! I love it. Your supplies are like a work of art!
    Have a PRETTY day!

  4. i love all of the colours - it' super pretty! ahh i love baking :D so vibrant and organized supplies is an added bonus hahaha.

  5. Love the cake cases in the glass jar!

  6. I am just repeating what has already been said, love the cupcake liners in the jar. Consider it done in my house now!

  7. Great ideas. I have some of the acrylic stacking pots filled with scrapbooking brads.

  8. I made the cupcake liner thing today! Except I couldn't find a spaghetti jar. I did find a vase at my dollar tree that holds them perfectly. So cute and a great way to decorate and display the pretty papers!

  9. Hi Torie Jayne,

    I am the editor of and we would love to feature your cupcake liner storage idea in our upcoming Organization Month. We would provide and credit and link back to your site. Please email me: Thanks!

  10. Great collection! I am officially jealous. I especially love the polka dot papers! :)

  11. edible glitter. This exists? Omg I had no idea.

  12. ok, now I don't feel so OCD!! =)
    I do that with my cupcake cups too.


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