Saturday, 18 June 2011

Pretty wrapped soaps

Bird Apothecary Jar filled with pretty soaps
We have started work on our new laundry room and cloakroom. So, after months of looking around the internet for cute, pretty ideas I have started to get my interior accessories ready! Don't you just love the part where you get to accessorize a new room?

I thought my bird glass apothecary jars from Modern Chic Home would look great in my cloakroom and would match my bird trail fabric blind (which I have yet to make!).

Today I am sharing with you my large bird apothecary jar that I have filled with hand wrapped pretty soaps and mini Cath Kidston guest soaps in colours to match my bird trail fabric. I decided it would cost me a small fortune to fill my large glass apothecary jar with the pretty Cath Kidston soaps so I bought a pack of pure vegetable soaps form Waitrose that were wrapped in white paper. I then wrapped two in blue polka dot wrapping paper, with a band of lace tape, pink polka dot ribbon, finished off with blue rik rak. Another two I wrapped in floral wrapping paper with a band of pink and white striped ribbon and a further two in pink polka dot wrapping paper.

Floral & Polka dot Soaps
Soap wrapping supplies
Hand wrapped soaps
Pretty Cath Kidston soaps

Have a sweet day!


  1. This is so sweet! I love polka dots. Yes, adding the finishing touches to a room really is the best part :)

    happy weekend!

  2. What a grand idea! Can't wait to see all your sweet ideas for your laundry room...happy dance. xoxoxo

  3. i loev this, the colours are so sweet and pretty; I did something similar recently by rolling up some old vintage book pages and placing them in tall a candy jar; it is such a simple way to finish off a room.

  4. they are so sweet, I'd never want to open them and ruin the paper though! xo

  5. That is a beautiful gift idea. The ULTIMATE gift idea..because I don't think I could possibly handcraft anything better than this haha, thanks!

  6. awww, these are so cute!

    check out the Shopbop giveaway I'm currently running on my blog:

  7. Tori I like this idea. The soaps look so sweet!

  8. Great idea. Love the soap wrappings.

  9. Fantástica tu página. Felicidades.
    Un saludo.

  10. Love the cute soaps!

  11. love it! I have something similar in my bathroom - I have a smaller glass canister and have it filled with the same cath kidston soaps a dear friend gave me to - so pretty! x

  12. LOVE this idea! Thanks. I'm redoing my bed and bath to these colors. Check out my Cath Kidson papers on Etsy.

  13. Very attractive! to pretty to open the soap.


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