Monday, 30 May 2011

Turquoise & Lime Interiors

Turquoise and Lime by Torie Jayne

Today in my series of posts "Inspirational Pins", I bring you a gorgeous Summery interior palette of lime and turquoise. For more gorgeous turquoise interiors check out my Shades of Turquoise Pinterest board!

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Have a sweet day!


  1. although I'm not a fan of turquoise but you really made it look nice and chic :)

  2. Oh wow. This color scheme makes me weak in the knees! So so pretty! Love that tray of bottles.

  3. So very beautiful. Great choices!

  4. Absolutely beautiful. Those bottles would look great on a piece of mirrored furniture. It would give a lovely reflection when the light hit it. Love your blog xx


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