Monday, 9 May 2011

Inspirational Pins - Playhouse

Play House by Torie Jayne
Today in my series of posts "Inspirational Pins", I bring you the prettiest play kitchens and houses. I started my playhouse Pinterest board a few weeks ago when I found out that my cute little niece, Molly, was getting a playhouse from her sweet parents. How exciting!

They plan to paint and decorate the little play house and place her hand painted jungle bench I gave her for her birthday last year inside along with her pastel wooden kitchen. I can't wait to help by making pretty pastel curtains for the windows, decorative bunting for the walls and pom pom trimmed cushions for the floor. So stay tuned for updates on Molly's little cottage!

For more playhouse and play kitchen Inspiration check out my Playhouse Pinterest board!

Have a sweet day!


  1. oh my gosh - this is so adorable. Have also become a pinterest follower. Your boards are so pretty.

  2. Golly crumpets everything is divine! Hmm I wonder if a 28 year old could have a playhouse?! If so I would like all of the above!

  3. what a wonderful summer plan! I also want to get my little girl a dreamy playhouse. will keep tuned for your brilliant and crafty ideas.

  4. It's always lovely visiting your pretty blog and I am now loving all of your pretty pins...thank you!

    Best wishes,

  5. lovely pastel colors :D cute stuff!!! I wish for my own playhouse XD

  6. oh wow... love the colors.

  7. Re: Thanks, Torie Jayne!!;) Wish you a wonderful day too!

    Love the colors here!! And the cutest little playhouse <3


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