Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Pink Flowers for my Easter tree

Pink Flowers for my Easter tree

When I saw the paper punch petal pairs on the Tonic Studio website I just had to give them a go! I made loads of different varieties with them just to see all the combo's. I then had the idea of making some paper flowers for this year's Easter Tree. I used the Bird Trail fabric as inspiration for the flowers I would use on my Easter Tree. First up are the pretty pink paper flowers with a dark pink centre.

Easter Pink Flowers
What you will need:
Petal Pairs Box Set 2
Petal Pairs Box Set 1
Pale Pink Card
Dark Pink Card
Flamingo Fun pink paint

Pink Flowers for my Easter tree

  1. Cut 2 pale pink flowers
  2. Cut 1 dark pink flower
  3. Fold in petals on the three petal punches, tuck one pale pink petal punch into another
  4. Paint the pale pink flowers, stick dark pink petal in centre

Paper Pink Flowers
Paper Pink Flowers on my Easter Tree

Have a sweet day!


  1. Simple but very effective! So pretty too!
    Rachel x

  2. I love these, they are so pretty and in one of my favourite colours :) so easy to make as well!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. So pretty!...
    Best wishes for a lovely Easter,
    Susan x

  4. Theyre so pretty! I wish I had one of those flower cutters.
    I just bought some patterened eggs today with different pink patterns for an easter tree :)


  5. Love your blog and all of your creative ideas!

  6. Love these flowers!
    Happy Easter

  7. So simple and so sweet! What a great way to decorate an Easter table also.


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