Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Fondant Flowers

Fondant flowers by Torie Jayne

Fondant Flowers
What you will need:
White ready to roll regal ice icing (also called roll-out icing, rolled fondant or pastillage),
Sifted icing sugar (also called powdered sugar or confectioners' sugar),
Natural food colouring in the colours you want (I chose pink and blue)
Rolling pin
Plate or tray
Set of 4 Flower Blossom Plunger Cutters for Icing & Cake Decoration

Fondant flowers by Torie Jayne

  1. Sieve icing sugar onto your work area, rolling pin and plate
  2. Knead the icing to soften, then gradually add food colouring until you get the desired colour.
  3. Thoroughly knead until colour is even
  4. Roll the icing out to about 4mm thick

  5. Fondant flowers by Torie Jayne
  6. Using a cutter, cut out the flower shape
  7. Gently push out flower onto plate
  8. Push decorative ball into hole
  9. Leave to dry

These will last for at least six months if stored in an airtight container, but for best results use immediately.

Pink Fondant Flowers
Fondant Flowers

Have a sweet day!


  1. these flowers are so cute :)

  2. Nice those flowers !! happy new week

  3. Your blog is way to cute... with love meghan

  4. So cute! I love making my own fondant flowers too, always more original!


  5. How do you stop the flowers from 'sweating'? Whenever I have made them and then put them in an air tight plastic container, they go all soft and sweaty!

  6. Flowers are so pretty! Love your easter tree x

  7. Cute flowers, great combo.

    Bakeandsew- Never ever put fondant stufss in airtight containers. They sweat. Put them in breatheable containers or cardboard boxes.

    1. Thank you,
      The flowers should not sweat aslong as they have been left to dry before storing them.


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