Saturday, 30 April 2011

Easter Fabric Birds - free pattern

Easter Fabric Birds by Torie Jayne

A couple of years ago I made felt birds for my Easter tree. This year I wanted to make some but in a style to match the birds on my bird trail fabric so I came up with my own pattern for the bird using a cookie cutter as the starting point, and added wings!
I picked up the cute pastel polka dot brushed cotton fabric from a fabulous quilting shop near Hampton Court called Creative Quilting.

Unfortunately I have only been able to finish making a couple, oh well there's always next year !?!

Easter fabric birds
What you will need:
Pattern printed out
Pink polka dot brushed cotton
Blue polka dot brushed cotton
Pink thread
Blue thread
Pink beads
Blue beads
Green wooden beads
White sequins
Pale green embroidery thread
Pink embroidery thread
Blue embroidery thread
2mm double face satin ribbon

Easter fabric bird pattern
Easter Fabric Birds by Torie Jayne

  1. Print out pattern, cut around edge of bird and wings. Place pattern pieces on fabric and draw around two of the birds, four of the wings
  2. Cut around pattern pieces leaving 5mm gap round pencil line, pin right sides of fabric together
  3. Hand stitch around solid pencil line, leaving the dotted line clear
  4. Turn bird and wings inside out.
  5. Easter Fabric Birds by Torie Jayne
  6. Push stuffing though hole, use chop stick to get stuffing right into the beak and tail
  7. Turn raw edges in on bottom of bird and hand stitch close, pull needle and thread up though centre of bird at top, coming through the centre of the seam. Thread 20 small wooden beads down needle so they sit at top of bird. Tie end of threads round ribbon and knot to secure. Tie knot in end of ribbon end and knot to secure
  8. Embroider three lines of stitch down tail
  9. Push stuffing through hole in end of wings, turn raw edges in and hand stitch close. Hand stitch underside of wing to body on one side, repeat with other side, angling the wing differently. Stitch sequin with small pink bead through centre for the eyes

Hand-made bird hiding in my Easter Tree

Have a sweet day!


  1. Thanks Torie, these are adorable and can be used all year, depending on the season (I think red and white for a Nordic-inspired Christmas!). I hope you enjoyed the wedding. I was up early across the pond watching the magical event.

  2. your birds! i must try making some myself! thanks for the tutorial!

  3. Such tweet birdies! Always love your posts!

    May I ask you a question about Pinterest? When you signed up with them, did you click to let them have access to all your information? If so, have you ever had a problem because of this? I'm always a little leery of anything new like this but would love to join.


    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  4. Amei se pássaro e deixei seu linc no apressados, qualquer problema me avise por favor!

  5. Cute, and not just for Easter :-)


  6. Your little birdies are so cute! Can't wait to get a chance to try them!

  7. Thanks for this - I may use it for some christmas littles..


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