Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Chocolate lollipops

Easter Chocolate lollipops by Torie Jayne

I love chocolate, so when the lovely people at Hotel Chocolat sent me a load of white chocolate drops, I was so excited. I love how easy it is to melt the chocolate drops and the taste, well yummy!

What could I make this time? I started by ordering some bunny and leaf lollipop moulds as I love how sophisticated the bunny moulds look. After making some white chocolate Easter bunny lollipops I had a go at colouring the chocolate using powdered green colouring. I made the chocolate leaf lollipops in green chocolate and thought they looked like lettuce leaves that the bunny could sit amongst. After experimenting with a few glasses, jars, pots etc. I settled on using the shot glasses filled with some edible green grass I picked up on a recent trip to Butlers.

I will be using them tomorrow as table settings for my guests at my Easter Monday tea party. Now I must dash as I have lunch at my folks and a special little lady is playing the Easter Bunny this year! Then later tonight I will be setting up my Easter table and adding the finishing touches to my cupcakes!

Easter Chocolate lollipops
What you will need:
Sitting bunny lollipop moulds
Leaf lollipop moulds
White chocolate drops
Green dusting powder
2mm pink double faced satin ribbon
2mm blue double faced satin ribbon
5mm blue gingham ribbon
5mm pink gingham ribbon
Edible green grass
Six shot glasses

Easter Chocolate lollipops by Torie Jayne

  1. Temper (melt) and colour your chocolate, place lollipop sticks in moulds
  2. Squeeze chocolate into moulds
  3. Lightly tap moulds so chocolate lays flat and air bubbles are removed, and leave to set
  4. Turn out chocolate lollipops

  5. Easter Chocolate lollipops by Torie Jayne

  6. Tie gingham ribbon around bases
  7. Make a bow and trim ends
  8. Repeat step 1-4 with white chocolate in Easter bunny lollipop moulds
  9. Tie 2mm ribbon into a bow around neck of bunny

  10. Easter Chocolate lollipops by Torie Jayne

  11. Shred edible grass
  12. Fill shot glass with edible grass
  13. Place leaf lollipops in edible grass
  14. Place Easter bunny lollipop in centre of leaf lollipops

Hand-made Easter Chocolate lollipops

Have a sweet Easter!


  1. Oh how cute! I love the leaves...I've never seen that before. I saw edible Easter grass at our local Walmart...what will they think of next?

  2. These look amazing, have a happy Easter!

  3. Красивые композиции :)

  4. wow these are incredible and actually look simple to make, what a great idea! x

  5. They look so great! Very cute - great idea!

    Happy Easter to you!

    Eva x

  6. Very nice ! I really like it !


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