Saturday, 23 April 2011

Candy Filled Easter Eggs

Candy Filled Easter Eggs by Torie Jayne

I had a few spare clear hanging eggs so I thought I would fill them with pretty coloured vanilla, green tea and cotton candy flavoured Jelly Belly beans to hang on my Easter tree. After tea I am going to hang them in the garden as part of my Easter Egg Hunt!

Candy Filled Eggs
What you will need:
12 transparent plastic eggs
Green 2mm double face satin ribbon
Green gingham ribbon 5mm wide
Jelly Beans
Double sided tape

Candy Filled Easter Eggs by Torie Jayne

  1. Cut gingham ribbon to size and lay double sided tape on back, trim to fit
  2. Stick ribbon to top half of egg around opening
  3. Cut ribbon to size and knot ends, thread through hole in top of egg
  4. Fill with jelly beans and snap together

Candy Filled egg

Have a sweet Easter!


  1. now that's my kind of a yummy easter treat!
    enjoy your Easter Torie ♥

  2. Super cute and fun! Happy Easter to you and yours. So sweet of you to visit and leave your kind words at my place....made me smile. ~ Angela

  3. Love this-- and hanging on the white branches...perfect for Easter! Take care, Caroline

  4. Something about hanging them in your garden just sounds so wonderful. It is amazing what a little ribbon does for a plastic egg!

  5. What a great little treat to make for my daughter's class next year! I love these!


  6. Happy Easter to you my sweet friend...these are adorable. xoxo

  7. Happy easter weekend love love

  8. Those are adorable! I had to run around town this morning looking for the pretty panoramic sugar eggs by daugther asked for last night! I found them~luckily! Happy Easter! :)

  9. Happy Easter! Looks amazing! You have been busy! Also a great giveaway over at Me Old China which ends on tuesday x


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