Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Stocking up on Easter Candy

Bunny Bowl filled with Easter Eggs
Speckled jelly eggs
Sweet Bunny
Speckled M&M eggs
Easter Bunny
I love Easter! Especially decorating for it. I have started putting my colour palette together and ordering numerous craft items, from wooden bird houses to the prettiest of ribbons.

I have also started stocking up on Easter candy. So, you can imagine my delight when I discovered that M&M's had brought out special edition Easter ones here in the UK for both the peanut variety egg shaped ones and the printed bunny choco ones in poppy pink, grass green, sunny yellow and white. I picked up several bags in Tesco and some pastel foil-wrapped chocolate ones as well. The sugary sweet speckled jelly candy is from Mr Stanley's at T.K Maxx. The pink bag of speckled M&M's were bought for me by a sweet friends on a trip to LA.

Now onto that cute bunny bowl! Last year a dear friend of mine picked me up a bunny bowl from Pottery Barn on a trip to NY to match the large Bunny I was given as a gift the year before. So, this year when the same sweet friend asked if there was anything she could pick up on a work trip to San Francisco, I immediately asked for the new bunny bowl from Pottery Barn. Isn't she pretty? Can't wait for her to meet her new friends on this year's Easter Table.

Have a sweet day!


  1. Такая вазочка прикольная :)

  2. Love this bunny bowl!

  3. That bowl is so adorable! I must have it/I must obtain some money!

  4. Oh how I wish I could decorate with candy for Easter! But my 5yo is allergic to sugar and food coloring and I just don't think it would be fair to him if I brought all this candy in the house to decorate with, that would be torture. I guess I can always come to your blog to get my "fix" of pretty candy decorations to look at :)

    Oh, and love the bunny dish!

  5. So sweet! I love the bunny bowl. Lovely spring candies here.

  6. Easter chocolate is always so pretty, it is so tempting! x

  7. I've started my Easter candy hoarding - happy to see you've started too! Love your happy pics!

  8. Really pretty. Just to let you know, Pottery Barn now ships to UK. x x

  9. What a super cute bunny! It is perfect!

  10. Mini cadbury eggs last about 10 seconds in my house, so that bunny would be quite empty...but still cute!

  11. I am not one for jelly beans, but I take all the rest :-)

  12. I love the last posts you did about Easter. I have never really decorated for Easter, but with what you shared, you make me willing to start!


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