Saturday, 28 August 2010

Polka Dot Kitchen Giveaway

Polka Dot Cake by Country Living

I am so excited to bring you another giveaway, this time from Variete stores. Variete stores has 36 niche stores from bedroom furniture to lighting to cookware. I have chosen for you a selection of their pretty polka dot kitchen textiles.

Polka dot kitchen linens from Variete by Torie Jayne
The winner of the giveaway will receive all of the above items: flamenco pink polka dot apron, oven glove, double oven glove and tea cosy; flamenco blue polka dot oven glove, double oven glove and tea cosy. Altogether these items are worth over £50!

To enter, please visit their cookware shop (click link to visit) and then leave a comment below this post letting me know what else from their range you would like to see in a polka dot print. The giveaway ends on Saturday, September 4th 2010 at 10pm (GMT) and I will randomly select and announce a winner on Sunday, September 5th.

To increase your chances of winning this fabulous prize, you can gain one additional entry for doing each of the following:
  • tweeting about this giveaway
  • blogging about it
  • following/subscribing to the Torie Jayne blog
For the first two, please leave a comment below with the link to your tweet or blog post.

This giveaway is open to readers from the UK only.

Good luck and have a sweet day!


  1. What cute things...wish I could enter!

  2. all the prettiest things are in the UK. sigh ...


  3. Oh my you know this is just soooo ME!!!! I love anything polka dotted. Wished I lived in the UK!!! xoxoxo

  4. OMG that cake! that is the prettiest cake I have ever seen I WANT IT!!! gorgeous pic, thanks for sharing xx

  5. If they had their salt and pepper mills in stock I would say those. But since they don't then the toaster.

  6. That cake looks fabulous. My favorite item has to be the pink polka dot tea cozy. Now here is another good reason for wanting to move to the UK! Someday... ;)
    Have a pleasant weekend.

  7. O my...and if i pay the shipping cost by myself?? can you count me in than???? love your polkadots post...........yammie cake !!! love Ria...

  8. LOVE that image of the cake. Spots and stripes are my absolute FAVOURITE thing. Lucky me I'm in the UK AND I'm now following! xxxx

  9. Hi Torie,
    looove the blue polka dots and the polka cake, so stylish! Have a lovely day. Sharon xx

  10. Hi Torie, Not sure my last comment went through, so trying again. I follow your lovely blog as you know. I adore the blue polka dots and agree after visiting the store that a blue polka toaster would be pretty scrummy!I am of to tweet about your gorgeous giveaway, thanks Torie for the opportunity! Sharon xxx

  11. Hejhej Torie,

    what a nice pic!
    I really would like to see a toaster and a coffee machine with dots ;-) That would really fit to my kitchen :-)

    Greetings from Germany,

  12. Hello! I would like to enter please! I have had a look on their website and decided that a polka dot creamer and sugar bowl would look sensational on my dining table when i eventually get around to having afternoon tea with my girlfriends! Thank you x

  13. Oh my goodness! Those things look so pretty!
    I love polka dots, especially in pink!
    I think the "Mokona Coffee Machine in Pink" would also look great in polka dots!!!

    Take a look at my blog!!!

  14. I would love to enter.
    Polka dot tea towels would be a lovely compliment to their range.

  15. A polka dot Kitchen Scale (Soehnle 5 kg Silvia Analogue) would be soooo adorable for sure, loving the dots always so cute.

    Shout out on my blog

    Karen xxx

  16. I'm a sucker for cute storage jars, so why not make them polka dot too!

    thanks for a great giveaway!


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