Monday, 23 August 2010

Front Yard

Front Yard design - after
Front Yard design - before
A couple of Mondays back, I showed you how I changed the front of my house in House exterior colour scheme. This week I am sharing with you how we changed the front yard.

If you read that post you will know we replaced the picket fence and changed the layout so the path down the side of the house has no gate at the front. Also, we removed the paving stones and replaced them with pea shingle. I bought some cheap wooden planters from Primrose London, painted them in Cuprinol garden shade Beaumont blue and planted them up as below.

Front Yard design
Butterfly Blue
In the square planters:

Scabious (Butterfly blue) - Masses of lavender blue flowers from April to November above neat, compact foliage.
Hardy perennial.
Height: 40cm, Spread: 30cm.
Position: Full or partial sun in well drained soil.
Care: Remove faded flower heads regularly to promote further blooming and cut down all stems to 5cm in Winter.

Silver Anouk Lavendula - Anouk is a compact, upright, evergreen shrub with narrow, silver-green foliage. In summer it has showy heads of dark purple flowers, arranged in vertical stripes, topped with pale purple bracts.
Height: 40cm, Spread: 40cm.
Position: Suitable for any garden.
Care: After the first blooms are out flowered they can be pinched out and the plant will make new flowers on the same stems. After blooming, trim back 50% of the plant. This will ensure flowers for the second blooming period of the year.

Blue Wheat Grass - Forms clumps of intense blue foliage.
Semi evergreen.
Height: 35cm, Spread: 45cm.
Position: Suitable for any garden.
Care: Well drained soil.

In the rectangular planters:

Lobelia - A charming display of colorful, dainty blues.
Height: 13cm, Spread: 25cm.
Half Hardy.
Position: Sun to part shade. Borders, beds, window boxes and containers.
Care: Best in fertile, well drained soil kept evenly moist.

Nemesia - Trailing blue.
Height: 18-30cm, Spread: 40cm.
Half Hardy.
Position: Full sun. Borders, beds, window boxes and containers.
Care: Best in fertile, well drained soil kept evenly moist.

Have a sweet day!


  1. It turned out beautiful, Torie. Loving lobelia and that shade of green you used! Have a happy Monday. xx

  2. Oh, gorgeous Torie Jayne! I love this, it's not too manicured, but still looks so neat and lovely!

  3. wow amazing change Torie Jayne! love those planters! have a sweet day you too! thank you for your comment!

  4. Beautiful! I've been working on our little front porch/stoop. It was so dark&dreary-feeling bc it is tucked away underneath its roof & surrounded by a tall shade tree. So I've been trying to brighten things up a bit. Was just planning to buy a couple of pretty white ceramic planters, & I instructed my husband to find something colorful&gorgeous to keep in them.

    Will have to share this post w/ him! Have a great week!

  5. WOW! You've been very busy! Love the changes!
    Looks FAB!

  6. how lovely! love the planters and your choice of flowers. what an amazing transformation!


  7. Wow what a nice front garden Love the colour!!!
    i wish you a beautiful evening

  8. I think everything looks wonderful. I love the soft colors of the flowers with the white of the planters.

  9. All looks lovely. The colors of the flowers are so pretty. Love the flower boxes.

  10. Amazing progress! It looks so charming and sweet :)

  11. An amazing transformation! Love the colour of the planters x


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