Monday, 19 July 2010

Sweet Paul

Glass cloche by Sweet Paul
Blooms by Sweet Paul
Frozen Flowers by Sweet Paul
Back in January I did a post about the wonderful prop stylist, Paul Lowe. I love Paul's styling as I find it very sweet, delicate and charming as well as being very clean and simple in approach. Well, imagine my joy when I discovered he had launched an online magazine called Sweet Paul. It is full of his gorgeous styling along with craft ideas like the gorgeous Frozen Flowers which would look amazing at a garden party, or the drinks umbrellas which you could make in a print to match your tableware. The magazine is also packed full of gorgeous recipes and tips on styling.

Drinks umbrellas by Sweet Paul

Have a sweet day!


  1. Hi! just found your blog via Simone's blog and I'm glad I did!! Just lovely!

    Hugs from an Italian girl,
    Zaira xx

  2. Oh how online to take a wee peek..xoxoxo
    Have an amazing week my friend..filled with Summer JOY!

  3. I love these images! They are quite lovely and clean. They remind me of Creature Comforts (the blog) and her photos. Love them.


  4. He might become my new favorite go to for inspiration. So lovely and totally my style!

  5. Oh how nice Torrie.I will have to check that out.You can never have enough of cozy, and sweet magazines.The bottom photo is so cute.

    Happy New week!

  6. I'll check it the frozen flowers.

  7. this is so rad! I fell in love with the frozen flowers! :D

    thanks for following me!

    I'm following back!

  8. Sweet indeed! I do love that delicate-yet-simple feel - gorgeous...

  9. thanks for sharing this! it is the perfect inspiration for the tea party I will be hosting in august =) love your blog!

  10. I posted about this new ezine the other which I discovered from Ann Sage. I love the photography & styling, & hope they will be very successful. Hope you're having a lovely summer. xx's

  11. Love Sweet Paul, it is one of the blogs I save for my leisurely weekend reading and a real treat. I have to agree with you and love the clean simple images.

  12. I love it too and I can't wait for the new issue!!!!


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