Friday, 18 June 2010

Vintage ice cream tin signs

Vintage ice cream tin signs by Torie Jayne

1. Tasty Treats ice cream vintage metal art sign
2. Ice cream cones vintage tin sign
3. Bordens ice cream sign
4. Knickerbocker Glory vintage sign
5. Ice cream sundaes
6.Waffle cones vintage metal sign

This week in my series of posts, "Fridays Finds", I bring you a collection of cute vintage tin ice cream signs. On a recent trip to TK Maxx I found the pink knickerbocker glory vintage sign and I just had to buy it! My idea is to get a few and hang them on the side of my garden shed as artwork for my "outdoor living room".

Walls ice cream, Happy Family, 1950s

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Have a sweet day!


  1. Love the pretty graphics on the signs! Your site is always like a breath of fresh air.

    Have the loveliest of weekends!

  2. awww these are soo cute! i LOVE #3! i could use some ice cream right about now!

  3. Hi Torie, I have missed my visits to you soo much, adore these vintage tin pick's my sweet friend. Sharon xx

  4. I am so loving these fun would it be to get one... I love #1 and #2. Have a great weekend..I think you need to celebrate with an ice cream cone..I know I am in the mood for one. oxxo

  5. These are gorgeous! Love the soft pastel colours!

  6. Thanks for your comments, i like your blog very much!

  7. Fabulous finds, Torie! Ice cream, hmm. think I'm off to grab one right now...
    Have a lovely SUNday and a wonderful new week. xx

  8. Here we go with this cute post! LOVE it!! Would love framing all these pictures and decorate my daughter's room! Kisses, Torie!! Bela.


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