Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A touch of lavender and lilac

Vanilla Dreams by Skona Hem

Interiors by Bloomingville

Sun Parasol by House Doctor

Filing cabinet by House Doctor

I am loving the accents of lavender and lilac in the above pics. They add a subtle feminine touch to otherwise quite neutral colour schemes.

The chair in the fist pic has me pining for a steel stool from Bailey's Home and Garden for my craft room. I have a vintage 1930's stainless steel filing cabinet in my craft room already and think the stool would be a perfect fit!

I don't have much lilac or lavender in my home but all the flowers in my garden are either purple or white coloured, from the large bushes of silver Anouk Lavender to the purple flowering herb pots of chives, sage and rosemary. White petunia's, purple and white Dwarf Lupins and Aubrietas add color to my borders. More of this to come later.

Have a sweet day!


  1. i'm ga-ga for the scent of lavender and well now that i think of it both of my bedrooms are painted lavender (shore house and my new house) .. hum guess i just realized i like the color too .. :o)

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  2. I so agree...lavender and grey are amazing...I do love that chair in the first image as well. Hope your day is filled with sweetness...can't wait to see your kitchen. xoxoxo

  3. The stainless steel against the lavender looks wonderful................I love how it takes the steel and creates a softness with the lavender.......I adore that little pastel lavendar garden would love it. XO MARY

  4. I knew just by the title of this post that I would like its content. As always, you did not disappoint! I agree that lilac and lavender make great accent colors. I had a lavender kitchen once and it was sooo pretty.

    Happy Wednesday to you!


  5. I'm really drawn to these colors, particularly during the summer. That parasol is oddly calling my name.

  6. All the images are just so lovely.... I just planted salvia and maynights that remind me of lavendar. But would love lavendar in my home

  7. Beautiful images! My bedroom is lilac with white painted funiture! I do love the colour, so fresh!
    Lovely to wake up to on a sunny morning!
    Rachel x

  8. I love the beach umbrella, just don't know if my hubby will appreciate much for the both us, maybe I'll just get him his own in blue, he he.

    I recently did a purple hue post in my blog as well.

    Lovely post, thanks so much for following me on Twitter. I've been a fan of your blog since I started blogging.

    Hope you are having an amazing day.

    ^-^ ox

  9. I am anxious to see the pics of your gardens. There is a designer whose blog i read who always uses one small touch of lavender in every design work she does. It is her signature. isn't that lovely. her name is gwen driscoll. she writes ragland hill social.
    She will be doing my dining room makeover next wednesday.

  10. so very pretty here- these images are lovely.

  11. I so adore lavender/purples. Your photo choices are lovely! I especially love the beach scene. ~ Angela

  12. Beautiful lavender accents. They really spruce up a room!

  13. this is one of my favorite color combinations even though it really only exists in my bathroom. lovely!


  14. Gorgeous colours, I'm loving lilacs and lavenders myself at the moment.

    Victoria xx

  15. I had a lavender kitchen once and it was sooo pretty.

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  16. Hi Torie Jayne,
    Lavender and grey are a match made in heaven. Such a beautiful colour combination......and you have shown us some wonderful examples. Just beautiful. XXXX

  17. A lovely selection of pretty photos here. Lilac and lavender are such relaxing colours to have around. Like you I don't have much indoors-mor in the garden! I love that beach shot especially!

  18. What a lovely blog Torie! Thanks for coming by mine!


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