Friday, 30 April 2010

Woodland themed baby shower!

Woodland cupcake toppers

Woodland gingerbread house

Woodland fairy cakes

Marzipan ladybird

Berry almond muffins

Wooden deer

Chocolate squirrels

Woodland dessert table

Woodland meringue

Chocolate bunny cookies

Woodland cookies

Cake stand

Woodland themed table

The invitations were sent, so I got busy organizing the baby shower which was being held at the mum-to-be's house. All the guests were excited by the theme and everyone offered to bring some Woodland themed sweets!

I made a woodland themed gingerbread house for the center piece, with mushroom gingerbread cookies, petal paste ivy, berries and ladybirds to decorate my shop-bought chocolate rolls and matchmakers. I also made woodland cupcake toppers to decorate cakes and handmade chocolate squirrels.

The sweet guests brought handmade butterfly cakes, chocolate squirrel cake pops inspired by Bakerella, fresh raspberry and mint decorated fairy cakes, chocolate bunny cookies, flower sugar cubes and berry almond muffins. One guest visited three patisseries that morning where she bought the cute marzipan ladybird, the enormous meringue and red currant topped chocolate brownies. Another bought the cute caterpillar chocolate rolls and another picked up the cute toadstool biscuits and acorn biscuits from a Japanese supermarket in North London.

We set up the table and the host was over the moon by her woodland themed sweets table. Gifts were given and we spent the afternoon chatting and laughing as we made our way through the yummy goodies on the table!

Cupcake toppers
Click the image above to open above in a separate window so you can print and make your own.

Have a sweet day!


  1. Hi Torrie,

    This would have to be the most adorable baby shower get together I have ever seen! Everything is ever so cute and so enchanting...what a fab job! Thank you also for visiting my blog...I am so happy to have come across yours and look forward to back tracking now to some of your great posts. Have a wonderful weekend lovely xo

  2. wow. You have really outdone yourself! It looks so darn cute. The mum to be is gonna be thrilled!!

  3. So always amaze and inspire me my dear!!! This is my favourite so those sweet dear and mushrooms..sigh...thank you so much for sharing. xoxo

  4. Oh, what a sweet theme for a babyshower! and thank you so much for sharing!!

    Have a great week end!

  5. How sweet! This is a different theme than I've ever seen and I love how it all came together. Lovely!

  6. So, so cute!! Love it all! Everything looks so yummy...fab job! :) I just know your friend will adore it. Happy weekend to you!


  7. Fabulous!! That looks great, I love your gingerbread birdhouse!

  8. Hi Torie, your the best!Gosh those babies were very hungrey!! What a beautiful and thoughtful celebratory feast well done!Sharon xxx

  9. Girl, you have some MAJOR talent!! That is absolutely fantastic.

  10. Absolutely gorgeous and cute:)

  11. How adorable ♥
    - I Love this.

  12. Such a great theme!

    Victoria xxx

  13. I am sooo happy to have found you on flickr! Your party is just the whimsy woodland theme I was going for, for my daughter's 2nd birthday. I love all of your ideas! I would love to use your invitations and cupcake toppers, but when I try to print them, it says the file is too small. Would you be able to email me the original files? I would be so grateful! Your blog is so inspirational. I love it!



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