Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Creative Egg cups

Flower arrangements in eggshells by Martha Stewart

Eggshell votives

Ceramic handmade egg cups by Sorbet Living

Ceramic handmade egg cups by Patchwork Daisy

Polka dot egg cups by Omlet

Egg cups by Crate and Barrel

Miniamo egg cups by Kitchen Fanatics

Egg Cup-Ceramic by Live Laugh Love

Jolly egg cups by Berryred

Farmer's Egg Crate by Anthropologie

Design-a wooden egg cup by Baker Ross

What Easter breakfast table would be complete without egg cups for your freshly boiled eggs! As I didn't have any egg cups that went with my colour theme I recently purchased the design a wooden egg cups and have started painting them in the pastel colour paints I used to decorate my Easter bird houses last year. This year I am having guests for afternoon tea at Easter so I was thinking of putting chocolate eggs in mine, but I also love Martha's idea of putting flowers or candles in the empty egg shells.

I hope to finish painting my egg cups soon and I will post the pics up here.

Have a sweet day!


  1. Almost ....easter.happy evening from me.....

  2. These are such fun, festive pictures! I am absolutely dying to see your painted egg cups, I bet they will be darling! Your Easter afternoon tea party sounds like it is going to be wonderful!

  3. Hi there!!

    I am really enjoying all your Easter posts....wonderful! Look forward to seeing the eggcups you are painting :)

    I love the little changes you have made to your blog....and thank you so much for putting me on your bloglist....I have put your blog button on my blog too :)

    Happy Easter!!

  4. Lovely - if only there was about six weeks until easter i might actually produce some of things!!

  5. You have to love an egg cup!! They are just sweet, simple, festive little servers. I see the Anthro egg holder I am using on my Easter Table, I sure hope this idea turns out. Egg shells all dyed a bright yellow, wheat grass in the frige. We shall see!!! Happy Tuesday Torie, Kathysue

  6. very pretty, and fun creative uses for eggs...love the tiny floral bouquets...

    simpley egg celant!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  7. All your egg images are cute! Love the wooden ones in particular ...
    Have a happy day! xo

  8. Really looking forward to seeing our tea party all set up etc.

    I have been so inspired by your posts and really want to add the cracked egg/Martha idea but fear my husband/nieces and nephews will not 'get' it and think I am a little crazy!

  9. OMGoodness!! How delightful are those! LoVe the flowers and the candles in the eggs. Just too cute. **kisskiss** Deb

  10. cuute. I just eat them though. mmm devil eggs... :D

  11. I love the candles and flowers. What a great idea to paint your own. So personal!

  12. Oh Easter, hurry up and get here! These pictures are so great. I love light, Easter colors. Pretty, Pretty, Pretty.

  13. The egg cup photos are so pretty. You'll have to post a photo of your finished egg cups.
    Have a wonderful Easter.

  14. All of your easter posts are getting me so excited! I want to put some of your easter pictures up on my blog. Would that be okay? Of course I'll give you credit too... you are incredible!!!

  15. lovely creations and so sweet colors as usual!

  16. Love the first pic!

  17. Hello! I found your blog yesterday and wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading through your Easter posts and looking at the beautiful photography. Your blog is very inspirational, so thank you. Thank you for visiting my blog yesterday and for taking the time to leave a lovely comment. Sending glitter and smiles, Emma.

  18. Oh I love these flower-eggshells so beautiful, Mira!

  19. Oh, how much I LOVE the eggshells votives idea!

    Buona Pasqua (Happy Easter)


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