Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Rose scented soaps

Bathroom jars
Rose soap
A recent addition to my bathroom, I bought these decorative rose soaps in a small interior boutique. I'd needed to top up my etched bathroom jar due to the fact I'd used up most of the bath bombs in it, and I went for the rose design soaps as they match my delicate carved roses on the bathroom shelf.

Rose soaps by Gianna Rose
For similar rose soaps try Gianna Rose Atelier soaps with the fragrance of Gardenia jasminoides.

Leaf soaps by Gianna Rose
After looking on the Gianna Rose Atelier website, I have fallen in love with the Leaf soaps in the clean scent of Tea Leaf and Verbena.

Etched storage jars by Graham and Green
For similar etched storage jars try Graham & Green.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Pink Candy

Pink Candy
This week on Flickr Faves Sunday, I bring you more candy with my favorite pics of candy on Flickr. Check back soon for some more of the most inspirational photographers on Flickr.

Some beautiful shots from my Flickr favourites (clockwise from top left):


Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Candy Jars

Candy jars
Pretty candy jars
Pretty Marshmallows
The jars in my first pic are coffee jars from Douwe Egberts. The footed apothecary jar in my second and third pic is from Belle Epoque.

I love jars of candy, from the ones in old fashioned sweet shops to footed apothecary jars. So imagine my delight when a friend of mine showed me a pic of the Juicy Couture table in Selfridges which was covered in candy-filled jars, as an idea for her wedding. I thought "I'll help you!".

Candy jars in Ralph Lauren in Hong Kong, photo taken by Torie Jayne
I'd also seen some candy jars in the window of Ralph Lauren in Hong Kong back in April (see above), so I started to search around to see what I could find.

Amy Atlas candy table
Amy Atlas candy jars
Amy Atlas candy jars
In my search I came across the delightful pics above from Amy Atlas. You definitely should check out her website for the most beautiful candy tables, in an array of colours and themes, for weddings, birthdays and more.

Glass pedestal jars
It seems that the glass jars are a lot easier to get hold of stateside than here in the UK. However, I did find a great store called Chefs that ships all over the world and they do the lovely glass pedestal candy jars in varying heights above.

Candy Jars

For my US readers who want to buy some glass jars please check out the above Candy Jars set in Polyvore for a selection of the candy jars I found in all shapes/sizes and prices.

For some good places to buy coloured sweets in the UK/USA take a look at my recent post: Old fashioned candy.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

White on White

White on White

This week on Flickr Faves Sunday, I bring you a white on white story. I chose white on white as it has been a big fashion trend this summer and one that is set to continue. I love the peacefulness of white on white. Check back soon for some more of the most inspirational photographers on Flickr.

Some beautiful shots from my Flickr favourites (from left to right):


Saturday, 18 July 2009

Old fashioned candy

Strawberry bonbons
Rhubarb & custard, strawberry bonbons, and milk bottles: retro candy is in. Candy has been a trend for a while, what with Madonna's album called Hard Candy, and Ralph Lauren's daughter Dylan opening "Dylan's Candy Bar" a candy boutique on Third Avenue in New York.

The candy trends for 2009 are jelly beans, for their irresistible colours and flavors, and retro sweets for the memories. Old fashioned and retro candy continues to comfort the mind and taste buds for those who may be a bit apprehensive about the future.

Hope & greenwood

Over the past few years in London we have seen a crop of old fashioned sweet shops pop up. Hope and Greenwood, in Covent Garden and in East Dulwich and Mrs Kibbles Olde Sweet Shoppe in Soho, and in St Christopher's Place. The sweets are sold by the quarter ounce from rows and rows of shiny glass jars crammed full with such delights as rosy apples, shrimps, jelly babies and flying saucers. It is a childhood dream come true and a delight for those of us who like to colour co-ordinate with sweet candy.

Sweetie World

Strawberry bonbons jar

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Anna Lou of London

Anna Lou of London in Fouberts Place

Anna Lou's seaside cutout
I discovered Anna Lou of London the other day and what a delight! The bright mix of colours drew me in as I walked past the door in Fouberts Place. Although most of the pieces aren't to my personal taste, I couldn't help but appreciate what the designer Anna Scaife is doing in her handcrafted brightly-coloured plastic kitsch pieces.

Coral brooch
I just couldn't walk away without buying the large coral plastic flower brooch above!

Anna Lou of London
Anna Lou of London by Torie Jayne featuring Anna Lou jewelry

From the website:

"Anna Louise Scaife, founder and creative director of 'Anna Lou of London' has enjoyed continued success with her celebrated fashion Jewelery handbags and accessories. All collections are handcrafted."

Celebrity clients include Kate Moss, Madonna and Emma Watson.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Duck egg blue

Flickr faves
For my next Flickr Faves Sunday, I bring you a colour theme of cream and duck egg blue. Check back next week for some more of the most inspirational photographers on Flickr.

Some beautiful shots from my Flickr favourites (clockwise from top left):


Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Pastel houses

Pastel houses in South London
I have just been to the Vintage Amethyst blog where there are some lovely pics of pretty cottages. This has inspired me to write about pictures of some of the pastel houses and exteriors I have taken on my travels.

The picture above was taken in South London. I love the way they colour co-ordinate together.

Front door in St. Tropez
Front door in St. Tropez, France. I took this picture as I loved the intricate carving and, of course, the colour!

Doorknob in St. Tropez
Another front door in St. Tropez, with an almost lace-like doorknob.

Window in St. Tropez
St. Tropez again. It was the intricate lace panel in the window that caught my eye.

Pastel building in Miami beach
Pastel building in Miami Beach. I love the mix of colours on different parts of the facade.

Art deco pastel colours in Miami beach
More pastel loveliness from Miami Beach.

Crescent hotel in Miami beach
The so pretty Crescent hotel in Miami Beach.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Birdy love

Flickr faves
For my second Flickr Faves Sunday, I bring you a bird-inspired mosaic (no surprise there!). Check back next week for some more of the most inspirational photographers on Flickr.

Birdy Love! Some beautiful shots from my Flickr favourites (clockwise from top left):


Friday, 3 July 2009

Bird Cage

Bird cage
My sister gave me a bird cage as a present. I had originally put it in my office, but on completing decorating our bedroom I thought it looked great sat on top of my wardrobe with a small decorative bird inside instead.

Bird cage on wardrobe

Vintage bird ornaments from dotcomgiftshop
Vintage bird ornaments from Dot Com Gift Shop, also available in sets of three from the Lavender Room.