Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Sequin jars

Jars of sequins in the craft room
Over the years, I've collected so many sequins that it seemed a shame to hide them away in boxes. So now they proudly sit on my window sill!

The two large jars are old bath cream jars from M&S. The small one is a spice jar from Habitat. I tied 3mm aqua ribbon around their necks to match the colour scheme in my craft room.

The butterfly clip was from Tchibo, but unfortunately they only stock items for a couple of weeks, if you're lucky!


  1. Hello! I found your blog through your comment on my Flickr, and I've really enjoyed looking through it. We share a love for the same pretty colours, and I want to steal your cute utensils for my kitchen :-)

  2. Hi, Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting. I do love pretty colours especially in the kitchen.


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