Friday, 12 June 2009

Curio Cabinet

Curio cabinet in the craft room
Open curio cabinet in the craft room
I have finally got around to completely filling my curio cabinet and blogging about it. I always loved the print trays that my Dad used to hang around my parents' house and really wanted one myself. After seeing this curio cabinet on one of my many internet searches I had to have it for three reasons. One, because it has a door; two, because it is deep enough to hold a variety of nicknacks; and three, because of the vintage weathered look.

Here's what I decided to put in it:

Curio cabinet top shelves in the craft room
Curio cabinet middle shelves in the craft room
Curio cabinet bottom shelves in the craft room


  1. The cabinet looks so good! I love the vintage touch to it :) Did you make that by yourself???

  2. Hi Lilia,

    Thanks for checking out my blog, I bought the cabinet from dot com gift shop.

  3. Torie, what a visual delight! My friend lucy created a curio cabinet with things from when she was a little girl. I will try and get a photo and send it to you, its sooo cute. Trace xx


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