Friday, 26 June 2009

Bicycle basket

Carrie bicycle basket
So as I said in one of my recent blogs ("I want to ride my bicycle!") I have been dreaming of owning a bicycle with a basket on the front. Well, I've found what I think is the most adorable bicycle basket: the Carrie bicycle basket from Design Stockholm.

"Carrie is an unique bike basket designed for the urban cyclist. The designer Marie-Louise Gustafsson selected the ornate material as it reminded her of the Swedish crochet tablecloths on which her grandmother used to serve afternoon tea. Also doubles as a shopping basket."


  1. love love love that basket!!! (and the bicycle!) Great find

  2. Just found your blog and Flickr, I have tons of reading to do!!!!

  3. So sweet in white- I featured your sweet blog today :) It is lovely.

  4. I love how you are documenting your bike finds - you have such a cute blog and unique posts. When you get a chance come check out my blog and maybe follow too :)

  5. Always thought that the baskets you find for bikes were very plain and actually looked out of place.

    However after seeing your lovely basket i will take my words back!

  6. The Pletscher style rack as been around since I started more than 30 years ago in the bike business. It’s a retro style now for retro bicycles like old or restored road bikes.


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