Monday, 27 April 2009

Wrapping paper

Cavallini and Co wrapping paper
Yesterday, I discovered a great gift and stationery company called Cavallini & Co. I'm really loving anything with birds on at the moment, and they do the most exquisite bird-patterned wrapping paper.

Cavallini and Co aqua wrapping paper
Cavallini and Co gold wrapping paper
I bought two sheets of wrapping paper; one a pale aqua with bright pink birds and postage marks, and the other with gold birds, birdcages, and nests. I have some plain cardboard cases that I have been considering decorating. This wrapping paper is perfect as I think the cases will look gorgeous covered in it, and it totally matches the colour theme in my office. Now I just need to find some pink and gold ribbon for the edges of the cases.

Cavallini and Co sticky notes
Cavallini and Co erasers
I absolutely adore their new sticky notes and really want to find the bird eraser.


  1. What a great find my dear! I too am obsessed with anything that has a bird on it..always have been and always will. This paper is divine..and thanks so much for sharing. I too think the papers would be beautiful on some boxes..are you going to decoupage? The paper appears quite thick and well made so you should not have any troubles decoupaging..most wrapping papers tend to wrinkle and bubble and get warped when any type of glue is added..but this paper is high quality. Hope you post some pics when completed!

  2. Thanks for your lovely comments, I am going to attempt decoupage but have not done before so fingers crossed it goes well. Will definitely post pictures when I have finished.


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