Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Easter bird houses

Easter bird house stack
Easter bird houses from above
As it's coming up to Easter, I thought it would be fun to make myself some Easter-themed decorations. I'd already made some Easter birds and Easter mushrooms, but I also wanted some place settings for the table.

Thinking about the place settings reminded me of some mini wooden bird feeders that I'd bought and decorated for Christmas a few years ago. But that's another story, and one that I'll come back to later in the year.

As birds are synonymous with Easter, I bought another six of the bird feeders thinking they'd be perfect as the place settings. So, here's how I went about decorating them...

Plain bird feeders
The feeders come in a pack of six. I ordered one box as I wanted one for each table setting.

Primed wooden bird feeder
Primed wooden bird feeder
I removed the rope from the top and painted each feeder in a water-based white wood primer. A couple of coats were needed.

Painted wooden bird feeder
Wooden bird feeders in Easter colours
I decided to paint the roofs and bases in colours from my Easter sketch book. I took it with me to the DIY store, and found tester pots in the following colours: Woodland Glade, Willow, Ice Pink, and Amethyst (all Focus matt emulsion).

I painted the roof and base of each feeder a different colour, and masking taped the areas I wanted to keep white.

Gluing nests into wooden bird feeders
Easter wooden bird feeders with nests
Continuing the bird theme, I found some mini birds nests, which I attached to the centre of each house with PVA glue.

Ribbon hanging loops
Attaching the ribbon hanging loops
For the tops, I made some new hanging loops using ribbon. I knotted the ends together and PVA glued a bead in place to stop the ribbon slipping through the hole at the top of the feeder. After feeding the ribbon through the hole in the feeder, I glued it in place.

Completed Easter wooden bird house
Completed Easter wooden bird house
Finally, I filled the nests with mini foil covered chocolate eggs and, Voila!

Now my place settings are ready for Easter. I can't wait to decorate the table this Sunday!


  1. Oh these are just so gorgeous

  2. How adorable these houses are!
    Do you know?People like you make the world much better!!
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    Hope you enjoy it!

  3. Thanks Lovelies for your sweet comments.

  4. I love these bird houses. Everything you make is pure eye candy!

  5. Popped by via Be Different. These are adorable!

  6. WOW, I love this! How creative you are!

    I am just wondering where you go the gorgeous bird houses from? I am hosting a birdie themed baby shower in a month and would love to get my hands one som, thank you.

    1. You can buy the bird feeders and bird houses from Pack of 6 for about £8. Just click on the words in blue & you'll be taken directly to the website.


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